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Last month I attended “Way Up North” a wedding photography conference in Rome, Italy. It was a short trip filled with inspiring talks from amazing photographers and creators, meeting new friends from all around the world, sampling yummy carbonara dishes and cheaper-than-water prosecco (it would be rude not to)!

Below I’ve included some points for myself to remember. These are from my rambling notes while listening to the awe inspiring presenters, it makes sense to me i’m not sure about anyone else! haha Not all of the presenters are included as sometimes I was so engaged and engrossed on the stage I forget to take notes! I wish it was longer, I wish I could go back and do it all over again, it was incredible – the conference yes, but also the people I met, lovely lovely like minded people from all over the world passionate about photography, weddings and people. I would whole heartedly recommend Way Up North for any photographer at any level.

Here are a few images i snapped while wandering the streets of Rome in between.


Daniel Aguilar

  • “Be honest with yourself”
  • Observe the light, not location
  • Light tells you how to pose
  • Maybe the small is the epic, the tender is the epic?
  • Sometimes all you need to capture is the feeling of a moment, a hand entwined with another.

Davina & Daniel 

  • Be the explorer, the discovery
  • To attract the muse – be attractive
  • Don’t turn your back on your own creativeness, no matter how different
  • Think about what you have individually to offer
  • Revision – Collaboration – Specialisation
  • Don’t concentrate on doing the thing that everyone else is doing

Sam Hurd

  • ” I can’t do this but I’m doing it anyway”
  • Once in a lifetime
  • Smooth seas don’t make good sailors
  • This is where we were and this is what we did with it, my value is immediately realised by them
  • Light – Lines – Look – Layers – Luck
  • Gravitate to intersting light
  • What is environment doing for me and how can i make this work
  • Free whatever is in composition that will be distracting – extreme angles really help with that
  • “get closer, get closer”
  • Be aware of your unique vision, that only you have the ability to show
  • Honesty vs authenticity

Oli Sampson

  • What you call yourself subconsciously affects your work, how you view your work is how your clients view you
  • Storyteller – Artist – Choreographer
  • Reactive – Reactive Proactive – Proactive
  • Whats in a label? A lot.
  • When everyone has access to the tools, the having a tool isn’t much of an advantage. What makes it? You
  • If you’re going to try, go all the way – otherwise don’t even start.
  • Expectations are a creativity killer
  • How does it feel? To get married? To be a guest at a wedding? The connection between brain and heart, what does it make you think, what does it make you feel, what is it telling you how to capture.
  • Thoughts -> Information. Don’t doubt yourself.
  • Not just how it looks like but what it tells us. It makes you think. It makes you feel.
  • All the emotions of the moment in the picture.
  • A moment I wouldn’t remember if it wasn’t for this photo.
  • The relationship I have reflected in other people.

Tohnya Kaye

  • Don’t let comparison steal your joy
  • Inspiration from travel/fashion, anywhere to inspire your wedding photography
  • What makes you unique – making people feel comfortable, always the person people tell secrets to.
  • Develop your own style
  • It doesn’t matter what others are doing it matters what I’m doing
  • Attract your ‘ride or die’ clients

Jonas Peterson

  • What is my voice?
  • Create to impress couples, not public or awards etc. Your couples are what matters.
  • Voice valid –
    • Way of Seeing the world
    • Unique to you
    • Not about finding the voice, about trusting the voice you have.



I’m a storyteller documenting love, capturing your day in a natural and relaxed way. Images by Natalie Doherty Photography, a wedding photographer based in Derry, Northern Ireland travelling all over Northern Ireland and Donegal. Want to know more?  Contact me through the or directly at I can’t wait to hear from you! Don’t forget to like me on Facebook , tweet me on twitter or heart me on Instagram. Free to join in, connect or simply say ‘hello’.

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