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This year was amazing for me, personally and professionally in my wedding photography. It just cemented that this is what i’m meant to be doing, I am so lucky to find my passion in life and be able to follow it. Well luck, and a lot of hard work 😉 I am truly passionate about it, photography has always been my dream and I seemed to have fallen into wedding photography after working in fashion for some time – and I couldn’t be happier!

This was so hard, to select just a few images from the amazing weddings i’ve captured this year. Some of these you may have seen before on my website or Facebook and some i’m showing for the first time. Maybe they didn’t at the time speak to me as a stand out image, but looking back i remember that moment, how everyone was feeling, and i’ve fallen in love with it. Isn’t that what great photography is about? Great memories and transporting you back to that time. I’ve been brought back to my favourite venues this year; The Mill at Ballyduggan, Redcastle Hotel, The Silver Tassie, The Red Door, and visited The Galgorm, Ballyscullion Park, and The Millbrook Lodge Hotel for the first time.

I love looking back on these images and remembering meeting these couples for the first time through getting to know them and capturing these important moments in their lives. I love seeing Rachael and David’s reaction to seeing each other at the top of the aisle for the first time. Laura’s dad breaking out the guitar for his speech. Capturing the sunset with Eimear and Joe. Ali and Ross exchanging vows where her mum and dad did many years earlier. AG running with her mummy’s bouquet. The love Michelle has for her and Stephen’s three boys. Catherine and Rory’s exuberant smiles when they said ‘i do’. Charlene’s bridal party seeing her in her wedding dress for the first time. A proud mummy helping her daughter Rach into her wedding dress. Moments that i am truly honoured to be a part of and capture.

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storyteller documenting love, capturing your day in a natural and relaxed way. Images by Natalie Doherty Photography, a wedding photographer based in Derry, Northern Ireland travelling all over Northern Ireland and Donegal. Want to know more?  Contact me through the or directly at I can’t wait to hear from you! Don’t forget to like me on Facebook , tweet me on twitter or heart me on Instagram. Free to join in, connect or simply say ‘hello’.


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